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I help creatives live with intention, because there is room for everyone to thrive. If you need business support, accountability, or advice from someone that's been doing this "entrepreneur thing" for over 5 years, I've got your back. And let me tell you, you've got this.


The Woodlands Resort Girls Weekend

 *This blog post has been written in collaboration with The Woodlands Resort. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. There are times when you need to just get away with your girlfriends, right? And we had many reasons to celebrate… Another successful Thrive Conference We were selling our home My sister graduated from cosmetology […]

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Letting yourself have time off

  Time off, a break, don’t think about your business! Hah. Yeah right. If you’re anything like me it is so hard to shut off my business brain. I’ve had to ask my husband to help me, please distract me, we’ve got to go do something so I stop thinking about work all the time. […]

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It’s okay to be scared

It’s okay to be scared. We don’t hear that one all too often do we? Yet, it’s nice when someone tells us that our fears are valid and not a bad thing. In fact, they may be a good thing.

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5 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

1. Being Boss “Being Boss in work and life, is being in it” – Being Boss I love this podcast because these girls are real. In that- they understand the hustle and the struggle to balance everything. One of my favorite podcasts was Episode #65: How to take care of yourself like a boss. Real […]

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3 Lies about Working with Brands

  Lie #1: You have to have x amount of followers on social media. Fear. That is what stops us the most from reaching out to brands. That number no matter how big or small always scares us into thinking that a brand will not want to work with us. So, here’s the real deal. […]

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